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For volunteers and allies of the Daejeon Salvation Army Children's Home

감사합니다! Thank you!

A very big thank you to the Shin family, especially the birthday girl Senna, for their generous donation! Senna, her family, and friends donated 30 pairs of shoes to the home earlier this month in celebration of her 6th birthday. We and everyone at the Salvation Army Children's Home are incredibly touched and thankful for your kindness! 

For more information about how the shoes made their way to Korea, check out our News section.
For pictures of the generous donation (as well as some of the Home's cute little residents!), see our Photos section.


This is the website for English-speaking volunteers and allies of the Daejeon Children's Home in Daejeon, South Korea. Run in association with the Salvation Army, the orphanage cares for 33 children ranging from infant - 18 years old.  They provide a home, food, clothing, education, and support for each child.

Check out the "News" section for more photos and weekly updates!


Thanks to everyone who supported our PC Project -- we met our $1,500 goal and purchased 3 HP desktops for the kids in March 2011!

Check out our Crowdrise page for the story behind our fundraising progress.

Find the list of generous donors on the Thank You page

How Volunteers Help


  • We volunteer our time.  Each volunteer spends about 90 minutes per week with the kids at the orphanage by teaching them English and engaging them in English-based activities.
  •  We support the director and staff of the orphanage, by listening and attending to the Home's needs.
  • We donate supplies for projects, like arts & crafts supplies, out of pocket.
  • We donate small gifts.  In the past, volunteers have donated backpacks, clothes, school supplies, and books.

Current Projects

When we sat down and talked with the director of the orphanage for the first time about what the kids need from us, she was very clear -- they need attention and affection.  She wasn't looking for a handout.  But when we asked specifically about what material needs the home has, her answer was just as clear.  Above all, the older kids needed computers.  

That's why we launched our first major fundraising effort to help the orphanage buy three desktop computers.  We met our goal in January 2011, and this semester, for the first time, the kids at the orphanage will have computers for their schoolwork.

How You Can Help

We met our goal for the PC Project, but our work isn't done. Please consider helping us buy basic things like notebooks, sneakers, and shampoo for the kids by going to the Donate page.

Thanks to KKOOM, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of kids living in Korean orphanages and group homes, your donation is tax-deductible.

 You can track our progress in the news section!