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For volunteers and allies of the Daejeon Salvation Army Children's Home

This Website

This website is for volunteers and allies of the Daejeon Children's Home in Daejeon, South Korea. Run in association with the Salvation Army, the home cares for 33 children ranging from 2 - 18 years old.  They provide a home, food, clothing, education, and support for each child.

However, they can't provide everything.  As the home's director told us, the children "have scars on their hearts" and need more than the small staff can always give.  By volunteering our time, a small but reliable 90 minutes every week, we hope to be an extra source of attention and affection for the children. 

Many Korean families spend a fortune to educate their children in a class with a native English speaker.   We can provide free English language tutoring and conversation practice to all of the children.  As nearly all universities -- and increasingly, even entry-level jobs-- require an English test, this can help lay the foundation for success and independence after high school.

 Volunteers at the Home are all Fulbright ETAs (English Teaching Assistants) and EPIK (English Program in Korea) teachers - that is, USA nationals who teach English in Korea.  All of us teach at schools in or near Daejeon, and are deeply familiar with the merits and challenges of the Korean public school system, which drives students into fierce competition and relies on hagwon, expensive private academies, to make up the gap between schools and tests.  

What We Do

  • Volunteers visit, play with, and tutor the children for 90 minutes per week
  • Volunteers raised $1,500 to buy 3 computers for kids to use for schoolwork
  • Volunteers nourish an ongoing partnership between Fulbright and other American teachers and the children's home
  • Volunteers fundraise and donate to supplement school supplies, books, hygiene products, and clothes
  • Volunteers secured funding for and created the Children's English Library


Fundraising Targets for This Semester

 Thanks to the exchange rate, donations in American dollars can really go far in Korea.  We hope to help contribute to some small material expenses for the children, like sneakers for gym class, shampoo and soap, toys, and warm hats and gloves for the cold Korean winter. 

  • $1,500 for three desktop computers for the kids -- Done!
  • $100 for new books for read-aloud time --Done!  (thanks KKOOM!)
  • $150 for hygiene and toiletries   Done!  A big thanks to Anthony Kidd, wherever you are!

How You Can Help

Please consider helping us meet our goal by going to the Donate page.

Thanks to KKOOM, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of kids living in Korean orphanages and group homes, your donation is tax-deductible.

 You can track our progress in the news section!